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Looking for accountancy software - try Xero.

Here are some key features for Xero:

  • Easy Invoicing

  • Simple integration with CRM systems

  • “Making Tax Digital” compliant

  • Automatic invoice reminders

  • Online filing system

  • Plug in Xero add-ons

  • Easy to use dashboard

  • Xero mobile app

  • Cash Flow at your finger tips

  • 24/7 online support

We are often asked which accountancy software is the best.

Xero's secure accounting software enables you to work from anywhere, you can share with your employees and collaborate with your advisors. Contador Accountancy Services are Xero Bronze Partners and offer you the experience and knowledge of a Xero certified advisor.

Easy Invoicing

Use Xero to create your quotes and estimates, these convert simply to invoices which can be emailed to your customer. Xero will let you see if they have opened the email and will encourage them to pay online.

Simple integration with CRM systems

Whether you have point of sale systems, customer CRM systems Xero have most covered for easy integration. Over 800 trusted apps work with Xero to help you get the job done faster, reduce data entry and provide better information and business insights.

“Making Tax Digital” compliant

Working closely with HMRC since the government announced that businesses had to have digital records and file returns directly online, Xero have this sorted for you. Filing is made quick and easy.

Automatic invoice reminders

Cashflow is king and Xero helps speed up the process so you get paid faster. You can use Xero to chase unpaid invoices through automatic reminders. A simple automated invoice reminder email can be scheduled for when an invoice is overdue.

Online filing system

All your customers details, accounting records and documents are stored online. Super secure and constantly backed up. Everything available for easy reference. All covered by the security required for GDPR. This information can be shared with your accountant

Plug in Xero add-ons

Xero has add-ons like Xero Expenses, Xero Projects, Xero Payroll and more – all help to make your business administration easier

Easy to use dashboard

How is your business doing right now? What was you operating profit percentage last month, is your gross profit the same? Are your costs increasing? The xero dashboard means you have this information at your fingertips.

Xero mobile app

All the information you need on the Xero mobile app

Cash Flow at your finger tips

Connect Xero to your bank and transactions flow in automatically. Reconciliation of bank transactions becomes quicker and easier.

24/7 online support

Always there with helpful support when you need it


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