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We know this is an area that really needs to be spot on every month.

Our team are proficient on the use of a number of different systems. We can help you set up and run your payroll. Once set up correctly the modern systems are simple with many automated functions.

Areas that we can provide support and training on:

  • Register employees on the payroll systems

  • Advise on how to set up the system for tax deductions and National Insurance deductions

  • Assist with setting up the payslips

  • Ensure that the Real Time Information (RTI) is programmed for HMRC

  • We can show you how to process starters and leavers

  • The systems we recommend make P60's and P45's simple to organise

  • For those in the construction industries there is the Constuction Industry Scheme (CIS) that we can help with


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