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Brightpay and Modulr

Take the headache out of processing payroll payments


Contador Accountancy Services have a new payment service that is taking away the manual headache of managing your payroll payments.   


Powered by our payments partner Modulr, we can automate your payroll and payment workflows by managing all your employee payments in a single, regulated and secure platform.


How it works?

  1. We will run your payroll as normal

  2. We initiate the payment process directly within the platform

  3. You approve pre-populated batches of payments in just a few clicks

  4. Your payments are sent to your employees on your pre-set date


Our clients who already use Modulr find it an easy way to manage their payroll payments workflows.


Why use this?

  • Save time and maximise efficiency: Let us handle your payments while you grow your business.

  • Fast Payment Processing: Make payroll and invoice payments in just 90 seconds with Faster Payments.

  • Secure and Compliant Network: Process payments through a highly secure network. Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Click here for a PDF with more details on this new capability. If you would be interested in utilising this with us then please do get in touch.

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