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Financial Controller

Your Financial Controller ensures that the finance team is delivering its objectives. A Financial Controller has to balance the hands on financial management with decision making at the highest level. Finding the right person is key and Contador Accountancy Services has the skills in its team to provide this support.

Duties expected from a Financial Controller:

  • Ensure compliance with accounting policies and procedures.

  • Manage the operations of the accounting department, including the staffing and team structure needed to achieve the department's goals and objectives.

  • Ensure that the accounts payable function is operating efficiently, minimising transaction/ data input processes as far as possible without jeopardising accuracy and controls.

  • Ensure that accounts receivable are collected promptly.

  • Management of treasury activities.

  • Maintain a robust system of internal controls over accounting transactions.

  • Manage the annual audit process to ensure that this can be completed as efficiently as possible for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Issue financial statements in a timely and complete manner.

  • Coordinate the preparation of any required annual report.

  • Recommend benchmarks against which to measure the performance of company operations.

  • Calculate and issue financial and operating metrics.

  • Manage the production of the annual budget and forecasts.

  • Calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management.

  • Provide financial analyses as needed, in particular for capital investments, pricing decisions, and contract negotiations.

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