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April 12th - back to work?

Today thousands of people will be feeling a little anxious. After months away from work they will be getting up early tomorrow making steps on their own path to normality.

It will be interesting to see if there is a change in the amount of traffic on the road, whether there will be a buzz, and extra positive energy everywhere. One thing is for sure - hairdressers will be busy.

For people that have to sort out wages the calculators will be out; full furlough, to part-time furlough, reduced hours, what percentage is worked, what can be claimed? You dread getting it wrong in case you end up owing HMRC money and it will be back dated!

At Contador we can take that pressure away, giving back valuable time so you can concentrate on your own business. For help with your payroll please get in touch with Alison Willet


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