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Where is Louise's favourite restaurant - Q & A's

Why did you choose accountancy?

Always like maths and numbers at school and my dad was in banking so followed in the numbers game! Seemed something i could do and i love interaction with people and helping them and accountancy gives this to me.

Where did you train for your work?

I went to Norwich City College for initial training for three years and then completed my ACCA exams at Scrutton Bland in Saxmundham.

What was the best holiday that you have had? Where and why?

No one particular holiday but camping holidays in the South of France each year as a child with my mum and dad and brother were the happiest times. Never forgotten.

What car do you currently drive?

BMW 2 series - sporty but safe!

What car would you like to drive?

Currently under review!

What is your favourite sport (spectator)?

Has to be tennis - sitting on Centre Court at Wimbledon - nothing beats it!

What is your favourite sport (participant)?

Has to be tennis! I have played since the age of 7 with my dear mummy. Played my first club match at the age of 13 for Stradbroke and went on to play county tennis for Suffolk from juniors to county to now older age groups! Also involved in the running of the Framlingham Tennis Tournament as my contribution back to a game i have loved for so man years.

Where is your favourite place in Suffolk?

Walberswick by a mile but don’t tell everyone!

What would your best meal look like Starter, Main course and Dessert?

Prawns pils pils, phad thai, cheese.

Best restaurant to eat at?

Perla Blanca in Elviria, Southern Spain - on the beach and a walk along the beach after dinner to see the most amazing sunsets

Name two people that have influenced you and why.

The most important people in my life - my late mumma and papa who sadly never saw the business Dan and myself are creating and yet instilled some of their amazing qualities in me giving me the drive and passion to start a business and the hard work to keep it going.

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