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Have you met John Matthews, learn more about him!

Why did you choose accountancy?

Sort of drifted into accountancy. I rather thought that I would be able to do it as I was reasonably good at Maths.

Where did you train for your work?

Trained at Scrutton Goodchild & Sanderson, now Scrutton Bland. My training Partner was Gordon Goodchild. The manager who looked after me was Michael Farrow. Michael must have had the ‘patience of a saint’ as it seemed to take ages for me to get it!

What was the best holiday that you have had? Where and why?

Quite a fan of Lanzarote. Generally good weather and not over commercialised.

What car do you currently drive?

Volvo XC60. I like to go out Sunday’s and drive really slowly! (Joke).

What car would you like to drive?

I quite fancy a Porsche, but these days I think I am more built for comfort rather than speed.

What is your favourite sport (spectator)?


What is your favourite sport (participant)?

These days more of an armchair spectator. Back in the day used to play most sports, but I might be a bit past it now.

Where is your favourite place in Suffolk?


What would your best meal look like Starter, Main course and Dessert?

I will eat most things other than Pizza. The Pizza thing is a long story.

Best restaurant to eat at?

The Froize, Chillesford. David Grimwood is a wonderful host.

Name two people that have influenced you and why.

There are lots. Very hard to answer this. I like to associate with and be involved with people with a positive attitude. ‘Can do’ people. I suppose my parents must take the blame for who I am!

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