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How is the UK doing - compared globally?

What a few weeks of turbulence on the financial markets. Despite the troubles in Downing Street the consumer confidence index rose from an all time low of -49 to -47. Whilst not a dramatic shift it did move in the right direction.

The inflation rates get a lot of coverage on the news but rarely with reference to other countries. UK is currently at 10.1%, were you aware that the Euro Area is also at 10%, Germany is 10%. This graph shows a comparison with a number of other countries.

Looking at global share markets we can see that, whilst many countries are down, the UK markets are performing relatively well.

There is one area that is performing better than others and that is Asia. The inflation rate for China is 2.8% and Japan is 3%. Many of their share markets are also reporting positive figures. However, if China does invade Taiwan that will change quickly.


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