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Budget Breakdown - green policies and protecting the planet.

Updated: Mar 21

  • Flood defence investment of a record £5.2 billion over six years will better protect 336,000 properties

  • £39 million in the Environment Agency’s network of water supply and water navigation assets

  • £500 million to support the rollout of super-fast electric vehicle charging network

  • £533 million to extend Plug-in Grant schemes for ultra-low emission vehicles to 2023.

  • We will establish Carbon Capture and Storage in two sites to capture CO2 emissions before they are released into the atmosphere.

  • Launching a new £100m scheme to help households and small businesses invest in low carbon heating systems, and consulting on introducing a Green Gas Levy to increase biomethane production for the gas grid

  • A Green Heat Networks scheme to encourage new and existing heat networks to adopt low carbon heat sources, backed by £270 million funding.

  • £640m Nature for Climate Fund to plant more than 40 million trees and restore 35,000 hectares of peatland in England

  • Up to £25m to create the Nature Recovery Network in England

  • Tripling the Darwin Plus programme to £10 million a year, protecting unique wildlife in the UK Overseas Territories

  • £300m additional funding to improve air quality

  • £9.2 million funding package to introduce smart waste tracking and schemes to tackle fly-tipping more effectively

  • Ensuring the tax system incentivises users of polluting fuels like diesel to improve their energy efficiency by ensuring more businesses pay the standard rate of diesel, instead of the lower ‘red diesel’ rate

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