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UK Inflation Rates Drop

It was interesting to hear people on the news talking down the slowing inflation and how that, in double digits, the level of inflation is still catastrophic.

Lets hope that we are following the pattern seen in the US which just recorded a drop in inflation for a 7th month in a row. They are now back down to 6.4%.

As the falling level of inflation eases pressure on the Bank of England we hope to see the interests rates steady. Commentators are still anticipating an increase but the Bank of England may wait to hear what the Chancellor has to say in the Spring Budget.

High performances from oil and gas companies have frustrated homeowners and businesses but has made the FTSE100 performance look rather good.

Exceeding 8,000 for the first time the markets look strong. In reality this is not an indicator for the UK economy because the FTSE100 is a global index, but the increases help those investing in FTSE100 businesses. Some of the best performances are Centrica, Vodafone and BT Group.

UK businesses will be waiting to see what next months inflation figures look like, hoping that we don’t get another increase.


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